14 Days

Reducing Workplace Stress

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with Mahankirn Kaur


Think of this program as a journey that will examine a number of facets related to stress in the workplace...14 to be exact.  Each day, together we will explore a dimension of stress and then engage in an exercise that is designed to counter that specific stress.  You will learn about stress and you will walk away with strategies - physical and mental - to better manage stress.

Our “vine exercises” are added as bonus exercises on some days, as a way of giving you yet another “technology” to manage stress.  These exercises generally require very little time to perform, yet pack a lot of punch.

We will wrap up each day with an “after work reflection.”  This is designed to get you thinking about very specific issues that impact - positively and negatively - the stress you feel at work.

Each WellCast has a Streak and for our Wellcast it is Meditation.  You can keep the Streak going by completing a task each consecutive day.  Streaks are very important because they keep you motivated to complete the WellCast.  

If you have any questions on how to work the app, please check out the FAQ tab under the Settings page which you can find by tapping the arrow in the upper left hand corner and then tap the edit button in the upper right hand corner.    

If there's a particular exercise or meditation that you enjoyed, be sure to press the heart button on the upper right hand corner.  You can find all of your favorites under your profile.  You'll have immediate access to all of your favorite WellCasts.  

At the end of each activity or task, don't forget to rate it and press the DONE button.  This will keep track of your accomplishments.  

So what are we waiting for…let’s begin.

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Reducing Workplace Stress

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About Mahankirn Kaur

Mahankirn, healer and teacher of Kundalini yoga, has a Master's degree in accounting and has worked in corporate financial consulting as a CFO and CPA. As an avid yogi and entrepreneur, she has merged her passions of both business and wellness. Mahan consults with corporate executives of start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, helping them reach their optimal performance.