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This is a six week educational program. Each week will begin with a weekly "sugar-challenge goal," which will be our focus for the week. Everyday will include a "motivational video" of the day. These tips will enforce the need to eliminate processed sugars and the problems we all face with too much sugar. Following this we will have a "task video." Our daily tasks will build upon previous information and test our ability to eliminate sugar.

In order to successfully become sugar-free, we must take slow and steady steps, properly set goals, plan in advance, allow for mistakes, learn a little, and most importantly- enjoy the journey! This WellCast is here just for that. Welcome!

Each WellCast has a Streak and for our WellCast it is Manage Sugar Intake.  You can keep the Streak going by completing a task each consecutive day. Streaks are very important because they keep you motivated to complete the WellCast.

If you have any questions on how to work the app, please check out the FAQ tab under the Settings page which you can find by tapping the arrow in the upper left hand corner and then tap the edit button in the upper right hand corner.    

If there's a particular tip that you enjoyed, be sure to press the heart button on the upper right hand corner.  You can find all of your favorites under your profile.  You'll have immediate access to all of your favorite WellCasts.  

At the end of each activity or task, don't forget to rate it and press the DONE button.  This will keep track of your accomplishments.  

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Get Off Sugar

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About Gabby Reece

Professional athlete star turned model, Gabrielle Reece became a professional volleyball player after college while also modeling for fitness magazines. She was quickly known as the icon of Girl Power, when she became the health correspondent for Nike. Gabby's passion for healthy living and fitness expertise makes her a popular public speaker on the subjects of health and wellness. Gabby empowers people to take responsibility for their own health. She has become a role model to people worldwide on how to achieve good health for themselves and loved ones.