To understand WellCaster is to understand our assets. We are a mobile tech company that develops cutting edge technology for training companies and those in the “know-how business" that want to innovate, extend their brand and generate a new source of revenue. We are also a content production studio, so if you need help transforming your training program into video, we have the lights-camera-action you need. And lastly, WellCaster is a growing library of WellCasts covering a variety of training programs in the health, wellness, training and skills development arenas.


Our mission is to help learners do anything under the sun well. We partner with companies in the learning arena to help them thoughtfully and efficiently transform their knowledge into something that can be delivered via mobile to their employees or customers. We achieve our goal when a user learns how to do X and develops a habit around doing X.


Improving wellbeing (personally and professionally) is about doing things consistently over time. In a nutshell, behavioral science (we think of it as the science of awesomeness) tells us the more awesome choices you make, the easier awesomeness becomes -- and the harder it is to stop being awesome. WellCaster meets users where they are (on their phones!), allowing them to take baby steps in the direction of improving wellbeing, personally and professionally. Users set reminders to help them get on a streak with their new habit; they invite friends for extra support or motivation; and compare streaks with one another while tracking personal progress over time.

Experiencing a WellCast

For users, joining a WellCast is their opportunity to go on a “guided journey” (professionally or personally) with training experts at the top of their fields. Your WellCaster guide is by your side (yeah, technically on your phone), motivating you to stick to their program, nudging you when you need it with the app giving you constant feedback on progress. Each day you’ll be given a content-rich task list; marking activities complete keeps your streak with the WellCast, and keeps your on track toward achieving your goals.